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Death cart plummets down
Elevator frown
Is this your floor sir?
Shopping bags galore

In that heady breeze, (through your hair)
Of the anti-freeze
A near-death release (and you're there)
Glassy eyes of fear, of fear, of fear

In the tension of a string, a rope unravels
The burning of a cord, the smell of rubber
Such a breathtaking view, from the top of the world
The city is all yours, flashing by in a blur

Throw it over, the balloon can fly
So it's over, you can never say die, you float into the sky...

You can take a man
Out of his
Comfort zone

But he grips
To the things
Useless now

Expensive clothes
Expensive wines
What do you have now

A velvet wallpaper, gold on every surface
The simplicity of comparison, relativity
You know the tale, it all pales into nothing
You have nothing

All united on
The brink of death
All are equal in the pretty face of death
In the last short glimpse of your tiny life


from So This Is Existence?, track released April 4, 2011
Written & recorded by Adam McCausland & Martin Byrne



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